Marcel Proust's Search for Lost Time



Inspired by the famous Monty Python ‘Summarize Proust’ sketch, Patrick Alexander and his friends at Books & Books filmed a slightly tongue- in-cheek summary of all seven volumes of Proust’s novel in slightly under four minutes. You can watch their summary on YouTube.

Acknowledging that Proust was a celebrity, obsessed with the minor details of his own and his aristocratic friends’ daily activities, Patrick Alexander wondered how Proust might have expressed himself in the age of Twitter.  Alexander’s ongoing daily project to rewrite the whole of ‘In Search of Lost Time’ on Twitter can be found at www.twitter.com/ProustTweet

A collection of the tweets has been published in book format as 'Marcel Proust on Twitter'.

 For the past few years, Alexander has been collaborating with his close friend, the Californian painter David Richardson, on an ‘Illustrated Proust’. The book will contain a brief summary of each volume of the novel accompanied by two illustrations from each volume highlighting a significant scene such as the tea and madeleine or the young women disporting themselves on the aunt’s sofa. Each illustration will be matched with the original passage in French and with an English translation. In the meantime, David has published a collection of portraits of Proust’s characters in a limited edition book called Resemblance.